​​​​​We Help Boys Become Better Men

Who We Are

Boys to Men Texas is a not-for-profit corporation created to guide boys 13-17 years of age through their passage to manhood.  We provide boys with mentoring and modeling so that they learn:

     - Integrity

     - Accountability

     - Compassion

     - Respect

     - Fun

We help boys become better men by mentoring them towards healthy manhood. 

We do this through:

      - Group & Ongoing  Individual Mentoring

      - Active Involvement  

      - "Rites of Passage" Adventure Weekends

At Boys to Men Texas, through a structured yet informal program, we provide a unique and safe place where boys  13 to 17 can regularly interact with adult men.

Listening, accepting, and honoring each boy right where he is today supports him in becoming a better man.  In doing this, our mentors become better men, too.