​​​​​We Help Boys Become Better Men

If you have completed the Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend, you are qualified to staff.

We believe this is the most important part of Boys to Men.  Once boys finish the Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend, they become Journeymen.  They are on their journey from boyhood to manhood.  

At the end of the ROPA, each boy will pick a mentor from the weekend staff.  These men are committed to be the boys' mentor for one year.  Once the year is up, the boy can remain with the mentor or choose a different one.  

​The Journeymen groups start within two weeks of the completion of the ROPA.  The groups last for one year and consist of two meetings per month.  

The first meeting of each month is called an "IN".  These meetings are discussions about what is going on in the boys' everyday lives.  They  learn by listening and talking with one another.  They also learn about what is not working for them.   They are taught more about accountability, integrity, and the impacts of their choices.

The second meeting of each month is called an "OUT".  These meetings are about fun!!!  Sometimes we play paintball, go bowling or engage in other fun activities.

Journeymen Groups