​​​​​We Help Boys Become Better Men

  Frequently Asked Questions For Participants

Why do we design programs for boys?

We believe in teenaged boys!  We believe in your struggles, your energy, your greatness.  We believe that healthy adult men have a responsibility to support young men.  

What we aspire to do as mentors is:  listen, accept, admire, model, and bless all boys.


What can I expect to get out of BTMT?

  • New and deeper friendships
  • A sense of purpose
  • To have fun
  • The knowledge that other boys face some of the same things you do
  • Support and non-judgmental listening
  • To celebrate your accomplishments
  • A community that cares about and for you
  • A chance to give back, be in service and create change

Why should I participate with Boys to Men Texas? I’m fine, there is nothing wrong with me!

We know you’re fine. We don’t want to “fix” you. Growing up is challenging for everyone. You deserve a chance to be recognized and honored for who are are today.  And if you are struggling or confused, we can support you in getting some clarity and renewed confidence.

What exactly happens on a Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend (ROPA)?

The specific activities we do at the Rite of Passage Adventure Weekend are mental and physical. You deserve the chance to discover them for yourself. We can tell you that we mix fun, adventure with intensity.  There are physical, emotional and group challenges on the ROPA but they are not designed to hurt you or break you down. We will support you in participating fully and working hard to understand yourself and your future.

Is this some kind of boot camp?

No. We are not here to “shape you up” or fix you. We have no intention of changing you into being different or of “scaring you straight.” We know that you want to grow into a good man.  If you need to change, you are in charge of making that happen.  We just support you in that process. 

Is the ROPA the kind of initiation where I get hazed or beat up?

No. The ROPA is a modern initiation that focuses on community building and support. No one is going to make you do push-ups or “get in your face.” 

How many other boys are there on a Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend?

It varies, the average weekend has between 15 and 25 boy. The boys come from all over Texas, and some from out of state. 

What will I eat on a ROPA? Where Will I sleep?

Food and snacks are plentiful and healthy.  They range from pizza to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  
You will sleep in cabins with A/C, heating,  but must bring your own bedding.  There are full bathroom and showers.