​​​​​We Help Boys Become Better Men

 Frequently Asked Questions For Parents And Guardians

What is the Boys to Men Rites of Passage Weekend?

The 3-day training is led by experienced facilitators and trained mentors. We provide a minimum 2:1 ratio of men to boys.  During the weekend, boys are challenged and supported through a series of activities designed to bring out their feelings in a safe way. This creates a powerful experience that helps boys cope with the ordeals they face during adolescence. They learn about integrity, responsibility, and accountability.  They learn about mission and service, all while having real fun. This weekend is a life-changing experience for both the boys and the men supporting them.

How many boys have gone through the Boys to Men Program?

Over 5,300 boys and men have participated worldwide.  

Do you have any religious affiliations?

BTMT has no religious affiliation or religious teachings. 

What is the age group you work with?

Boys between the age of 13 and 17 can be eligible.

How much does it cost?

The price for the 3-day 
ROPA is 
$295 per boy.  Our bi-monthly Journeymen meetings cost on average $25 per month.

BTMT offers Scholarships for those in financial need.  

​​What is included in the cost of the 3-day weekend?

We supply food and lodging for participants and staff,  round-trip transportation, supplies and materials, and a graduation celebration.

Is this only for fatherless boys?

No,  BTMT does not replace fathers or men in a boys life.  All boys need more good men in their lives, even those who have good fathers.  Every boy is welcome!

How do you train your mentors?

Mentors attend a one day training program to become a BTMT certified mentor.  Additionally, mentors are required to staff one ROPA and six journeymen group meetings per year.  
All Mentors must pass a nationwide background check.

Mentors are taught how to listen, accept, and encourage young men.  In return, it helps the mentors grow and become better men.


Can parents and guardians become mentors?

Absolutely.  BTMT encourages fathers, stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers, and other caring men to become mentors in our program.  For more information on mentoring or volunteering, click the button below.